Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GumboWriters: Gumbo Marketing What Can We Do For You


Writers: What Can We Do Specifically For You?

What we offer:
We begin by creating a customized a marketing plan for your book. Each book brings with it
very distinct opportunities to promote and publicize your book. The cookie cutter approach just does not work and we know that here at Gumbo Marketing so we work with you step by step along the way until we both are satisfied with the game plan.

Niche Blog Tour
Bloggers open up an amazing opportunity to spread word about your book. Both big and small
bloggers bring with them their own fan base, some of whom are your book title’s target market. They spread word about your book like wildfire. But which bloggers do you go to? And how do you approach them? We've done so successfully and have secured a 100 blogger campaign for one of our authors.

Key Word Rich Syndicated Articles
New Marketing & PR, including search engine based marketing, is the most effective way of
reaching your target audience. Why? Because they are looking for more information about your books subject matter. Even a fiction author can provide content related to the novel that can be useful and tie it back to their novel. We'll help you create this and generate ideas.

Providing this information, enriched with SEO key words, will increase the chances of your target audience finding the desired results and it offers a better desire on their part to purchase your book as well.

EBook Creation
As part of a content creation strategy, this technique invites subscribers and keeps a traceable fan base that can tapped into time and time again for your books. In fact, book after book. By repurposing content from your book or it can be repackaged as an eBook. This provides your target audience with an incentive to sign up for a newsletter that will keep them updated on the your whereabouts and offer more opportunities to sell related products.

Landing Pages
Creating a landing page that is dedicated to a specific target audience's profile, answering to a specific need is a great way to generate leads for future books. Each landing page can be designed for that particular reader. The book might appeal to “truckers in California” as well as “housewives in Wisconsin,” each with specific interests but each that could enjoy the title.

Book Clubs
Book Clubs, both online and traditional are growing at a rapid pace. People want to connect and if
they are regular readers, they love sharing news of great books. With recent economic changes,
this will become more and more important as readers do not want to “waste” their money on
books that turn out to be unappealing. We have access to hundreds of book clubs.

Fusing old-school ideas with new-school techniques.

Press Release Angles (written directly for the reader)
Rather than focusing on the media, we prefer to create press releases that are key word rich and
allow the target audience of readers to receive relevant updates about you or your book. Fans really enjoy the ride of the success of an author and feel part of it.

Author Website Creation
Shifting a website’s direction from only “looking” pretty to a constant flow of updated content
keeps readers returning to your site. We specialize in not only critiquing the current
site but also creating a game plan to reach the publisher’s goals for the title or the author.

Internet Radio Interviews
Internet Radio and Podcast are the rage nowadays and many of them have a very loyal following.

They are always looking for guests and we have special relationships with some excellent internet radio stations and podcasters and will use this leverage in securing with our clients.

Forum/Message Board Campaigns
Message Boards are an excellent way to tap into a huge base of people with common interest. We
use an indirect strategy of approaching readers that creates a curiosity for more information.

Online contests & giveaways
This is a great way to create excitement about a book and early buzz if done correctly. Giving
away a book, especially advanced copies, allows readers of similar demographics to start talking
about a particular title and creating excitement about it.

Creative Content: (YouTube, mp3 downloads and podcasts)
This the fun part of repurposing content. Often referred to as Infotainment, this is a way of recycling the content of your book in a way that will cause the reader to seek it out and spread the word virally to other potential readers. We can do this by using such Infotainment strategies as low-budget video content or entertaining or informational audio content as well as create online book promotional trailers.

We pride ourselves on creating out-of-the-box campaigns for out-of-the-park results.

Expressing opinions are important to readers and consumers in general. It makes them feel that they are contributing and affecting the way we see the world and that their opinions are valued. If positioned correctly, their opinions can be an effective way to spread word indirectly about your book.

Author & Celebrity Endorsements
Hearing that a reader's favorite celebrity enjoyed a new title is a great way to spread word
about a new title. We have access to the representatives of thousands of celebrities that would
best fitted to your book. Being able to expose to the media that a particular celebrity endorsed a
book is a win-win situation.

Although we live in a global economy, being able to spread word about a book in different
languages has become a necessity in alerting the non-English speaking market the value of a book.

We have access to translators in over 100 languages to do exactly that.

Charity Alignment
Aligning a book or author with a charity in order to benefit them either financially or through spreading a common message is an excellent way to not only give back but also align the author with potential readers. We have access to thousands of charities that are always looking for ways to raise awareness and perhaps even raise funds.

Cross Promotional Partnerships
Teaming up with products and services that also target the same market is a great way to have
easy access to readers that a book normally would not have access to. We have access to
thousands of companies looking for ways to spread word about their products and services
through non-traditional means such as a book campaign.

Setting up local speaking engagements and author appearances
Approaching local speaking venues via the internet is an extraordinary way to not only spread
word in a grass-roots effort but for the author to see immediate results through back of the room
sales. We have successfully created a database of associations constantly looking for speakers all
over the country in small cities as well as large.

MySpace & FaceBook Campaigns
Tapping into resources provided by social networking sites is a way we have found incredibly
useful in connecting with current fans and spreading word easier, especially books targeting a
younger demographic. Social Network profiles for specific characters in a novel can be a way of
creating excitement, entertainment and spread word as well.

Ghost Writing

Perhaps you have a great idea but don't have the interest, the patience, or even the talent to write it. We have ghost writer's poised and ready to assist you. Some have written New York Times Bestsellers, others have sold hundreds of thousands of books. Whatever you're needs, let us know and we can find someone within your budget.

Book Proposals
If you have a non-fiction idea, you should not write the entire manuscript? Why? Because agents and editors prefer to read a proposal instead. It's faster for them to read and is the industry standard for submissions. Don't know how to create one on your own? We have resources right on this website to tell you how to do it. Or hire one of our book proposal writers to do it for you for a very reasonable price. We can have a finished proposal ready for you within 2 weeks. Our proposal writers have done so for many published authors, are easy to work with and fast.

Jeff Rivera: If you need help with your book promotion contact gumbomarketing@gmail.com and we'll find a way to help you within your budget.