Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #25

Dear Kathy,

Trapped in her own body, that's how she felt. So much she longed to do, so many places she longed to go but at 13, the wheel chair bound her not only to the ground but the limitless possibilities of her imagination.

I know how that girl felt because that girl was me. Since the age of three, I battled an unidentified yet painful disease that attacked my immune system and sentenced me to a wheel chair. I wanted to do what the other little girls did, hanging with their friends, joining track, dating, how I just wished someone, anyone would just ask me out on a date. But no matter what my heart longed for, my crippling body had another plan.

Yet all that I went through being made fun of, looked down upon, laughed at, I refused to give up. My body may have been falling apart but I would be danged if my spirit and my heart ever would. That is what motivated me to write my first novel, Harriet Vanders: Assignment Special Efforts.

It tells the story of a rock star's daughter who loses the dream of a having a dancer's career in an explosion meant for her father. When the rubble is cleared, she realizes not only is her dad missing and presumed dead, but that both her parents are in fact, secret agents.

That is not the worst of it: The damage to her joints commits her to the life-long sentence in a wheel chair but she refuses to let that stop her from bringing her dad home. She undergoes an exclusive intelligence training academy where Harriet must decipher the elusive Special Efforts software, decode passwords and get a N.E.R.D. operative into the software to complete her dad's mission and bring him home.

Similar in writing styles to Ian Fleming's Dr. No and Cynthia Voigt's Izzy, Willy-Nilly, the Elissa Morris story is meant for the edgy Young Adult audience yet safe enough for parents to approve.

Although this is my debut novel, I have also written numerous articles for Yesterday's Today, Bad News, and the Quebec Journal.

If you would care to take a peek at my novel, feel free to reach out to me.

Best Regards,
Eileen Zee

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