Sunday, November 9, 2008

RichWriters Inspiration: Writer's Visualization, Does It Work?

Does visualization really work or is it just a bunch of hoopla?


Let me tell you firsthand how visualization does work and how it has worked for me. When I was struggling to be… let us put it this way when I chose to struggle to be an author, a published author, it was really a difficult time during my life. I knew that I wanted to do it but I was fortunate enough to be gifted a beautiful book called Excuse Me, Your Life is Waiting.


 I have heard of visualization before and I wasn't trying to imagine things and what not, but this book really turned my life around. It was gifted to me by a dear friend of mine named Kathy Wilson who is a television and film producer and she gifted me this beautiful book, I believe on my 26th birthday and it is probably the best gift I have ever received because it changed my way of thinking.


                        It brought me into thinking, similar to what later on the secret techniques or thought and that is to visualize what you want. To actually feel like you are in that moment and you are because all time exist all at once. So, that means you are living and you are dying and you are accomplishing your goals all at once, those things are happening NOW.


                        So when you realized that and you close your eyes and you visualize, "Okay, I want to have this beautiful house," because time all exist all at once that means it has already happened and all I have to do is just thank God for it, that is it. "Thank you God!"


In that moment I can feel myself walking, opening that beautiful door and being really, really happy about seeing this beautiful house and smell that new house, smell when walking on that hard wood floor and I can feel it and I could see that it is a two-storey house.


Whatever it is that you are visualizing in that moment it is happening now and I am a living proof that visualization really works because when I was struggling to be an author and I had chosen this level. I started using these techniques when I was even just writing Forever My Lady and I started visualizing and seeing a particular girl and in particular reading my novel.


Even as I was writing and really getting into emotionally herbing, feeling emotionally engaged with the story and feeling so inspired that she tell all her friends and what not and that so many people or thousands of people will read this, that it would lead to me getting a deal with a major publisher.


 I decided that the major publisher would be Warner Books and through a series of, shall we call them coincidences, I have ran across an amazing opportunity to send my book to an editor at a place called Warner Books and what I decided to do was use visualization to picture my agent calling me up and getting all excited and telling me, "Oh! My God, Jeff, we just landed the deal with Warner books," and I kept on seeing the editor in particular really read Forever My Lady and visualizing they are really getting into it and really feeling inspired buying it and telling all of her executives that this is the book that she wants more than anything.


And I mean do you know a few days later when I did that, I got the call from my agent, at my job and she said, "Oh! My God, Jeff, we just sold your book to Warner Books and I just felt like I was dreaming, like, "Does this really happened?" It really, really happened. To someone like me, someone who grew up in a single-parent household when the family were struggling just to have something to eat, someone who is homeless a few years before that, someone who had been through so many different types of tragedies in their life and it happened to me that dreams really do happen, dreams really do come true and visualization really does work.


So, does it work? Yes. Is it a bunch of hoopla? Absolutely not.  How can we use it? Accomplish your goals by simply doing this.


Take a few seconds on people, say 17 seconds a day. Seventeen seconds a day we all have time and let me just tell you something, every single one of us is given 24 hours a day. I do not care if you are Oprah or if you are homeless person on the street, every single one of us is given 24 hours a day, what we choose to do with it, is up to us.


                        I choose to use it effectively, just like you can get three kids, three children, a dollar each of them are going to use it in three different ways. One is going to spend all on candy. One of them is going to give it away. The other one is going to hold on to it. It is the same gift that we have been given by God, the universe, whatever you believe in.


That gift of time and what we choose to use, what we choose to do with it is our factor. It is up to us what we wanted to do and I choose to use it effectively and I know that you will use it to be effective as well; I know you will and I want you to remember visualization does work.


Use it effectively, close your eyes, and imagine what it is that you really want. Feel it, see it not like it is going to happen, not like you hope it is going to happen but in that moment, in those 17 seconds it really has happened.


You are enjoying it right now, close your eyes, go and lock yourself in the bathroom if you need to, no one is going to bother you there…close your eyes and imagine it actually happening. Imagine yourself feeling what it is like to accomplish your goal.


Let us take that house again. Let us imagine you are walking at those steps and feeling the gravel underneath your feet, underneath your shoes opening that door, what kind of…is it a brass? Is it a wood? What is the door made out of? Go in there.


It does not have to be exact. It is just the feeling of what is like to actually feel and being in that moment. What do you smell? What do you taste? What kind of weather is it? Just feel like you are in it. You do not have to have every single detail but just feel how great you feel to have that house.


How do you feel? And think, "God!" just thank God as if you have it already. I know you heard this a thousand times before, but thank God because in that moment you do have it. "Thank you so much, I am so grateful to have this house. Finally after all these years of saving or whatever the case is, I finally realized that I do not need to struggle anymore. It came to me like that, thank you so much and it is so easy to pay these mortgage payments, Oh! My God, thank you so much."


Be so grateful in that moment, feel that moment and when you wake up out of this trance, out of this, you realized, "Oh! My God, I am so grateful. This really in this moment I have it," by doing that it feels like the day, number one it feels good, and number two by doing that if you think that way, today, you will start saying, little things are popping up, little different opportunities are opening up for you to actually accomplish your goal of having this house.


You will meet real estate investors, you will start seeing something at the TV about buying a house, you will start going and running into a Home Depot and thinking God you are not really giving me my house. You know you will start seeing little signs along the way that are adding up to making this opportunity greater and greater.


Maybe you get fired at your job was the best thing that happened to you because it is going to lead you to a better job or better opportunity. And let me tell you something, sometimes when people visualized things and they feel so great then so called bad things happen after that and that is because it is moving that crap out of the way so that you have room for something better. So it will draw whatever it is and ease your life faster.


So do not feel bad if you do the visualization and suddenly you lose your job or suddenly this bad thing happens because it is not bad at all. Be very grateful for it because moving those things out of the way so you can walk right through and get closer to your goal. Realize that. Even in that moment if it does not feel like that? That is exactly what is happening.


Remember visualization really does work.