Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #13

Dear Lisa:
All mothers think their children are special. I should know. I'm the mother of 8.  But there's something different about Nancy's son, Brent, something ... she can't quite put her finger on.  As a mother, she would do anything to keep him from harm's way.  When Brent begins to suffer from catatonic trances, she moves him to a remote piece of land named the moment.  She prays it will be a safe-haven for him. Only she does not realize destiny has drawn them there, where a coven of Satanists are plotting to kidnap and kill him.
Written in the vein of The Omen and Nora Robert's Sign of Seven, my first female-driven paranormal thriller the moment, came out of my passion for the studies of religion.  Having been the Director of Religious Education and the Editor of LifeWorks Magazine, I'm often drawn to the mysteries that lurk on the other side.
Lisa, I have also written for The National Catholic Register; New Oxford Review; Catholic Faith and Family; The Catholic Sun; and The Press & Sun-Bulletin.
I'm very excited about this novel and anticipate a long-term career as an author.  Even Sally Nickers, the former Women's Club Editor-in-Chief, calls my book, THE MOMENT, "nuanced and intriguing".
Lisa, if you would like to take a look at THE MOMENT, please contact me.
Warm Regards,
Rainey Walters