Monday, November 10, 2008

GumboWriters Successful Query Letter Sample #4

Dear Leslie,

The year is 2166, the world is divided into two classes. Those that live underground in a multi-racial community of tunnels and the elite who live above ground in the Sky Shelf, shielded from the air and water pollution that first forced most of the world to live underground after the 2nd U.S. civil war.

Titi is just another underground dweller. But somehow Jeff she feels she is different, something deep inside tells her she could be something great, that she too could be a dweller of the Sky Shelf. She knows she's so much more than the elders of the underground tell her she will ever be.

Like a cinematic mix of "The Matrix" meets "Their Eyes Were Watching God", CAVING IN is more than just science fiction Jeff. It is a passionate story written in a cinematic literary style that touches that part in all of us that knows we can be so much more than what others make of us. That part that aspires to greatness and cannot, nor will not ever be beaten down.

As a high school Algebra and Science teacher, I have used my extensive research into not only the possibilities of the near future but the probabilities -- difficult to face or not. Jeff I am a single mother who was awarded a scholarship to the UCLA Extention Writer's Program and have been building up my fanbase through internet marketing and have created relationships with many high-traffic blogs that are poised to promote my books when the time is right.

Coupled with the fact that I have a Bachelors of Science from UCLA in Biochemistry/Biology, I am feverishly writing more books in the genre and am looking for the right representation.

If you would like to take a look at CAVING IN Leslie, please feel free to contact me.

Warm Regards,
Catty Brown

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