Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #21

Dear Kristy,
Flames scorched my back. The sweet charcoal smell of burnt flesh gagged me.
I had never been east of St. Louis before and there I was in the middle of Kenya's coup de etat. I did'nt know if I would survive.  Would I become one of those statistics we glance at near the newspaper's back page whenever an American is killed in a foreign land?
Before my eyes I saw men murdered in cold blood.
All I knew was that if I made it out of the country alive, I would return because Kenya had already touched my soul. My life had changed forever.
Compared to Out of Africa and I Dreamed of Africa, my book, As I Go I am Wearing You, a title taken from an African proverb, tells of my emotional journey, my love for the breathtaking beauty of Kenya and the agonizing choice I had to make between a country and a man.
I have written articles about Africa for The American Chronicle and for the (RSPB) Royal Society for Protection of Birds.  The RSPB is the largest conservation group in Europe with over a million members.
I am also an expert safari consultant and have the full support of the US division of the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, the African Wildlife Society, and the official Kenya Tourist Board for this book as well.
If you would care to take a look at As I Go, please contact me.
Yesenia Dickinson