Saturday, November 22, 2008

GumboWriters Interview with Literary Agent, Uwe Stender from TriadaUS Agency

1. How did you get started as an agent? I've been agenting for 4 years. I have a Ph.D. in literature and had done some editing before. I had been thinking about a career in publishing for a long time and over the years I had also been fortunate to meet some successful people in the publishing industry who mentored me as I was exploring that career path. When the right time came for me to start my agency, I was set up and well prepared to go.

2. What does your agency do that others do not? We strive to do all those things well that other agencies do what makes us different is probably our response policy. We respond to all queries and we respond to them quickly. But I am sure other agencies do as well, so I don't know how truly different that is.

3. What are you looking for more of that you're not getting? What most agents are looking for: In fiction, I would love to see more brilliantly written mystery fiction, women's fiction, YA and literary fiction with a unique voice, great characters and an imaginative plot. In nonfiction, I am really open to everything, but in particular, I would like to see more popular science, pop culture and narrative nonfiction...preferably incredibly well-written by authors with huge platforms (smile)! I know this probably does not sound very helpful and like a "standard" response, but these would be the ideal submissions.

4. What are you tired of receiving? Maybe queries where the to: line in the email lists hundreds of other agents who are addressed simultaneously, that is just so lazy by the author that I don't care what is in the email body, I will reject it immediately.

5. How can new writers hook you? Send me an ideal submission as described in my answer to the third question.

6. How can clients stay on your radar without driving you insane? My clients can NEVER drive me insane. I am always approachable to them.

7. What about you do writers seem to not realize about you as an agent that you wish they would? About me? I have no idea. I guess it is less about me than about this industry. I think many writers don't truly grasp how incredibly competitive this industry is and, consequently, how great their writing has to be (particularly in fiction) and how much (in nonfiction) platform truly matters.

8. How can writers contact you? Email me or snail mail me.