Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #15

Dear Dela:

What if Leonardo Da Vinci's inventions of the helicopter, the machine gun, and many others were discovered and implemented hundreds of years before their time? How would our world be different and worst yet, would we even have a world at all?

That is the scenario I explore in my book, Other Side of the Mirror.  Dela, my name is Emil and I am a senior year in high school.  Despite my age, I'm very serious about making it as a full-time author.
I specialize in writing YA books. I've been told my style in Other Side of the Mirror is evocative of some of Harry Turtledove's work.

    Other Side of the Mirror is the story of Keeter, a prince who isn't much of one, and how he deals with his newfound responsibilities and role, while struggling to reunite his country and claim his birthright as its last royal heir.  Opposing him is a Duke who has long laid claim to the crown, and who views him as a pretender to the throne and a threat to his ascension.  All this is set in an alternative reality world brought about by the discovery of Leonardo Da Vinci's work in the early sixteenth century.

There are some light fantasy elements interwoven into the story, but this is not your traditional fantasy.  There are no wizards running amok, setting armies on fire, no dwarves or elves or anything of the sort.  Just humans doing what they do best.
Dela, I have written numerous articles for the Smallville Courier as well as the Artsy Journal, and I'm dedicated to working with a rep who takes me as seriously as I take my career.
If you're curious and would like a look at Other Side of the Mirror, please contact me.  Thank you for your time and consideration.
Pepper Reddingfield
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