Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #17

Dear Barbie:

It's funny how life works out.  If someone was to tell me years ago while I was a musician on the road, that one day I would be a novelist, I wouldn't have believed them.  You never know what natural twists and turns are going to lead you in life and that's the same thing the characters in my latest novel experience.

The House is a Suspense Thriller with Paranormal Romantic elements.  It tells the story of Sassy, the daughter of a hit man and Fred, the son of a cop - two young musicians who are oil and water lovers and reluctant detectives.

 When they aren't fighting they make a great team.  One night, this oil and water pair checks into a quaint little inn where Fred has one too many to drinks.  In fact, uncharacteristically he becomes drunk out of his mind and ends up falling for the voluptuous charms of a sexy blonde named Karen. This, of course, send Sassy off into a snit where Fred's in the dog house and has to sleep in the lobby.

 The next morning when Fred comes to, with a massive hangover, he finds the entire lobby is filled with cops. The sexy blonde that Fred stayed up drinking with has been found strangled in her bed and Fred was the last one seen with her. Worse yet, Fred's now being charged with murder.

Pissed as she was with Fred, Sassy knows with her whole heart, that while he may do stupid things sometimes, he's no murderer. After getting bailed out of jail, it's a race against time for Fred and Sassy to track down clues that lead to a strange and disturbing 110-year old mystery before Fred ends up on death row. And if the sinister clues lead to where they think they may – death row might be the least of Fred's worries!

I'm very grateful to have had such great reviews on my last book.  I always try to infuse my wild and exciting years on the road as a musician in my writing.  In fact, because of this the Library Journal raved that I "bring a certain reality" to my stories. Booklist called my writing, "colorful and exciting" and even New York Times Bestselling Author, Brenda Martinez said my writing is a "recipe for a page turner".

 Barbie, I come from a strong background of advertising, marketing and sales. In fact, over a decade of it.  I've solidified a number of incredible relationships with television, radio programs and the over 70 bookstores I did on recent my 6 month book tour campaign.

 If you would like to take a look at The House, please contact me.

Warm Regards,
Tom Solsa
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