Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #24

Dear Isaac,

I'm one of the most recognized voices on NPB's Literary Masterpieces Show.  I've sold over a million copies of my books to colleges and university all over the world.   


I am also one of the most requested speakers in the country on dramatic literature from Los Angeles to New York as a Professor of English at the University of Oxford and have had five of my plays produced off Broadway.


My debut novel is called The Getaway.  Like Ann Tyler's Breathing Lessons and Emily Giffen's Love the One You're With, The Getaway tells the story of a 30-year secret love affair between college drop out Paul Hunters and world famous novelist Lisa Olive.


She has lost her inspiration with the horrific death of her husband and children but Peter brings her a love and inspiration she never thought possible until something tragic steps in to threaten their love forever. Will the struggle between passion and responsibility ruin their lives or will they shatter the small town taboos of The Getaway?


Isaac, although this is my first novel, my short stories have appeared in The New York Quarterly, The Masterpiece Review; The Wisconsin Quarterly, Fishing Magazine, Other Thoughts (Dallas), Bloggers, The Colorado Magazine, and others. 


If you would like to review a copy of The Getaway, please contact me.


Professor Robert Xavier