Monday, November 10, 2008

GumboWriters Successful Query Letter Sample #5

Dear Janet:
I was clear at that moment that my mother, was going to kill me. Gasping for air, I tried to loosen the cord to no avail. The gushing blood from my head wound and the incessant throbbing created waves of nausea.

Such is the life of Miguel and countless other young people I've worked with. Bob, my name is Professor Samantha Willing, I am a Columbia University grad with an M.A. in Special Education. I have 35 years of experience in Neuropsychology, counseling and coaching.

My book, SUCCESSFUL KIDS chronicles 7 heartbreaking stories of amazing young people. These stories are inspired by true accounts of children whom I've had the honor and privilege to counsel. They are survivors of drug addiction, multiple personalities, abuse, physical challenges, and crimes words cannot describe but they all have one special thing in common: Gifts, some are clairvoyant, some are empaths, yet others have the gift of telekinesis. I have fictionalized parts of the accounts in order to protect their identities. Part Paulo Coelho, part Chicken Soup for the Soul with a dash of S.E. Hinton, all of the stories are based on real people.

I successfully independently published an educational book called, Three Mean Alligators, which quickly sold nearly 3000 copies in 6-months without a distributor. And because of that experience, I have built strong alliances throughout Florida and across the nation that are poised to include POWERFUL PEOPLE: POWERFUL LIVES as part of the school curriculum and the school library system. In fact, I have developed a lecture seminar series to take on the road.

If you would like to read a copy of PSUCCESSFUL KIDS, please contact me.

Best Regards,
Professor Samantha Willing

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