Monday, November 10, 2008

What Can We Do to Help You Promote Your Books

What we can do to help?

Whether you self-publish or traditionally publish you need to promote your book in order to get results. Most book publicity and online book promotional services cost a fortune. Who can afford to pay $2500-25,000 upfront when you're trying to figure out how to pay the rent?

If you're a new author or a seasoned one you still need to get the word out there. There are so many ways to promote your book but what works? What doesn't? What should you put your time and money into? And what should you just forget about?

SEO, landing pages, Key Word Rich text, RSS, CSS, HTML, XML, Blog Tours, feedburners, Web 2.0 -- if most of this sounds like gibberish to you then you need help. That's where we come in. We will customize an online promotional plan that works for you and your project in particular. We'll take that weight off your shoulders and collaborate with you and come up with a creative and effective way to promote your book.

And here's the kicker -- we'll do it affordably.

Option A
You have two options either pay for the entire customize service upfront for $2600. This includes a customize online marketing plan that is tailored for your particular book. Paying upfront is convenient and you get $1000 off by doing it this way instead of the monthly payment plan.

To see an example of a marketing plan we created for a client click here.

Option B
We know that some of you may gasp at paying $2600 upfront when you're trying to figure out how to pay your light bill. So, we offer a 12 month payment plan for $300/month. You'll receive the same quality service as you would if you chose Option A but in more convenient and affordable payments.
No body else out there is going to offer you this type of payment opportunity for an online book promotion service, nobody.

Jeff Rivera: If you need help with your book promotion contact and we'll find a way to help you within your budget.