Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Kate Epstein - Epstein Literary

How long have you been agent and how did you get your start Kate ? 
I started agenting in 2005. I was an editor at Adams Media prior to that.

What are you looking for specifically that you wish you would see more of? 
I'd be glad to see more hands-on, how-to business projects. In general I'd like to see more advice and less memoir. But I like the advice to be promise specific benefits--nothing as murky as "happiness" or "self actualization"--and preferably backed up by a platform or credentials.

Kate what are you tired of receiving? 
I'm most tired of receiving fiction since I don't represent it. I do represent a fair number of memoirs but not nearly so many as I receive--probably about 10 a week or so.

How can a new writer get your attention in a good way? 
The best way is to review my website and make reference to one of the books I've represented.

How can a signed writer stay in your radar without driving you insane? 
I honestly don't find that "driving me insane" is much of a problem--I don't have a lot of authors over-communicating. I'd rather not get forwards of jokes and inspirational stories and whatnot, but the delete key works. I like updates on progress--more information is usually better.

What do you wish more writers understood about you as an agent Kate that they don't seem to? 
Everybody's so different! Some people don't understand that it puts them at a disadvantage to submit to me on hard copy. Some people don't understand that I really get a LOT of submissions. Some people don't understand that if I don't have feedback after reading their partial it's usually because I don't think it's something they can solve. But I hope everyone can understand that I LOVE my job and that the writers are what makes it so worthwhile.

What's the best way for a writer to reach you? 
Email, definitely.