Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GumboWriters: Gumbo Marketing -- Frequently Asked Questions


When is payment monthly due?
Payment is due the first of every month.

But I get paid twice a month!
Then, you can arrange to send us payment twice a month instead, according to your pay cycle.

But I can't afford even a monthly fee! I still need your help. Will you take a percentage of my profits instead?
We're glad you have confidence in your book enough to KNOW it will be a bestseller. You're going to need that confidence to keep going because things don't always happen overnight. And unfortunately, because things don't happen overnight we cannot accept a percentage. The rule of thumb is you should dedicate at least 3 years to a book to promote it. And, in the meantime, our staff have families to feed and bills to pay. We suggest you take advantage of all the free information and resources here on GumboWriters.com and do it yourself. Ask your friends or family to chip in. It's amazing what you can accomplish on your own. The founder, Jeff Rivera did everything on his own to begin with and landed a book deal with Warner/Grand Central. It can be done!

Can we do a trade or barter for your services?
9 times out of 10 the answer is no. But, you never know. Go ahead and email us what you're proposing understand that whatever it is that you want to barter must have a value to us that is equal to or greater than $3600.

Why am I stuck in a stupid 12 month contract? What if I want to get out?
Well, you're never stuck in anything. We offer the 12 month payment plan as an alternative to those who do not have the budget to pay for the full amount ahead. It is a privilege because no other book marketing companies are willing to do it this way. You have a 90 day out clause so if you feel you're not seeing the exposure results you would like you can terminate the contract. If you choose to terminate the contract at this time we then will dismantle any of our efforts including but not limited to the landing pages we created, websites we created, mailing lists we created, etc.

What if I cannot afford one of the months? What then?
If you do not pay your monthly bill and are 30 days late we understand. Hard times fall upon everyone. Unfortunately, because we have invest our company's staff and resources into starting your campaign after 30 days of no payment we will not continue our promotional efforts and will dismantle any landing pages, websites, or mailing lists that we have created until payment has resumed. It's nothing personal, it's business and our only way of making certain that our staff is paid.

Jeff Rivera: If you need help with your book promotion contact gumbomarketing@gmail.com and we'll find a way to help you within your budget.