Tuesday, November 11, 2008

GumboWriters: Gumbo Marketing "I'm interested, so how do I get started?"

Our first step will be to give you a questionnaire (which is below) in order to create a specific customized marketing plan for the book which may incorporate various online elements we have available to help you reach realistic goals.

Then, we'll map out a year long plan of what steps will be taken in which months with specific benchmark goals.

If you've opted for the monthly plan then the monthly rate for your first title will be $300 month in this 12-month payment plan. The first payment is due upfront in full. This will entitle you to 12 months of service for this title. You will also receive a weekly recap of the tasks completed and the results gained.

If you've opted for the full payment of $2600 instead, then you may send a 50% deposit and then the remainder of the balance will be completed after the marketing plan has been sent to you.

You may snail-mail payment to:

Jeff Rivera
234 Fifth Avenue
Fourth Floor
Suite #4335
New York, NY 10001

or PayPal it to: gumbomarketing@gmail.com

Once we have created the marketing plan you can send the remainder of the first month's payment.


Here are a few questions to get us started. Please do not hesitate to ramble on and on, the more information you give us the better:

  1. What is your ultimate goal for this book?
  2. What type of marketing in particular are you looking for (besides everything)? Are you looking for mostly online media, for reviews, for a blog tour? Be as specific as possible.
  3. What bad experiences have you had with your own marketing efforts or other people's efforts that you want to avoid this time around?
  4. What is your goal for the first 30 days?
  5. In 2 sentences or less what is this book about?
  6. Why should someone buy this book when there are thousands like it written already by Bestselling authors with their own fan base? What makes this book unique?
  7. Is the author open to radio or internet radio interviews?
  8. Does the author have an author photo you can email us?
  9. Are you open to changes with the author's website or webpage?
  10. Are you open to changes with the book cover?
  11. Who is the target market? Who is the shoe-in to buy this book? We can go for "everyone" later but now let's focus on one specific profile of a person. As specific as possible. For example: instead of the stay at home mom. It's the stay at home mom who lives in suburbia who probably has 3 kids under the age of 13, doesn't have a lot of money but works 3 jobs, etc. If you can close your eyes and tell us who you picture reading this book this will be a huge help in targeting it.
  12. Are you open to contests?
  13. Are you open to giveaway copies to winners or radio show listeners? If so, specifically how many copies are available to giveaway?
  14. How many print books specifically are available for review copies? How many ebooks are available?
  15. Does the author have a media page already?
  16. Can you send us the author's bio? (Anything personal, dramatic, and tragic is always welcome as this makes it a much more interesting story for the media).

Jeff Rivera
VP of Online Book Marketing
Email: GumboMarketing@Gmail.com

Jeff Rivera: If you need help with your book promotion contact gumbomarketing@gmail.com and we'll find a way to help you within your budget.