Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #10

Dear Jessica,

They found him dead, murdered in a cold dark alley in Edmonton. Barely 28-years-old, he had much to live for. To some, he was just another inner city murder; to others, another street bum or drunk living in a shabby rooming house.  But to me, he was my little brother Jason.

Since that tragic day, I've been deeply motivated to connect with my readers. I'm determined to let them know there is more to life than what we see, and more to the paranormal world that cannot be explained, such as psychic phenomena.

This similar journey is one my heroine encounters in my Pleasures series, about Agent Francie Summers and her team of psychic government agents who prowl the streets to put killers behind bars.

In the style of J.D. Robb, Kay Hooper and Michael Connelly, the Pleasures series is set in the not-so-distant future where the U.S. and Mexico have joined forces in searching for criminals who know no boundaries.

I am the author of 5 books, 3 of which hit the Amazon Bestsellers list, including the first book in the Pleasures series. Booklist said I am "a name to reckon with" and Writer's Digest called my writing "exciting" and said that people would "love" it. I've also written for countless magazines and newspapers, and I average 40 book signings a year across western Mexico.

I don't have an agent yet as I'm looking for the right connection, and I came across your name, Jessica. If you are interested in exploring a partnership and you'd like to take a look at the first book in the Pleasures series called Pleasures Chronicles, I'd be happy to send it.


Sasha London

PS: Bongo Books has first option on the next book in the Pleasures series but I'm open to discussing with you other opportunities for the book.

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