Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #32

Dear Doris:


I was in mid-life crisis. My children had left the nest, my Bail Bonds business partner had just died in a freak helicopter crash and every female relative that ever meant anything to me had died long before her time. I was unhappy, confused and despondent and knew I needed a change.  


The field of Private Investigation was a men's only club filled with gumshoes, ex-cops, and cigar-smoking chauvinists and it had been that way for decades. My friends called me crazy. But within weeks, I had enrolled in Criminology 101and added 'middle-aged' P.I. to the role of wife and mother.


For more than 25 years, I have not only beaten the odds of working in a male-dominated field, but have somehow become one of the most successful and sought after female undercover private investigators in the United States. 


In my book proposal for Sexy P.I. I reveal how I single-handedly solved the most baffling cases, repeatedly putting both my family and me in danger. The most extreme cases include being held hostage in a remote cabin, investigating a successful businessman in Miami , who was believed to be a child molester, and preventing a former Nazi from swindling a wealthy, but vulnerable woman. And yet with all of the excitement of a cops-and-robbers movie, I still maintained my role as wife and mother.


Today, although there are those who consider me a "senior," I still manage to jet-set around the world on assignments. Undercover work, both fascinating and dangerous, allowed me to infiltrate billion-dollar organizations, chase down million-dollar thieves, lock-up child-molesters, investigate terrorist suspects and still make it home on time to bake cookies for my grandkids.


In addition to being a private investigator, I also write for the United Newspaper.  If you would like to take a look at my proposal for Sexy P.I. feel free to contact me at: or call: 212-555-5555.



Paula Peters

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