Wednesday, November 12, 2008

GumboWriters: Sample Query Letter that Worked #12

Watching my father pass away was one of the most difficult things to do in my life. I was his middle son, the "Jan Brady" of the family and yet somehow I feel like it is my responsibility to carry on his one last wish.

You see Daniel, my father was an attorney, a religious man, an incredible father, a man of rare integrity but always with a helping hand and a kind word for a stranger in need. Before he passed away, when perhaps the thought of leaving his 3 sons behind was only something he would rather not think about, my father had been feverishly working on a novel. A trilogy actually called, JUDGMENT NIGHT. It was his greatest wish to see it published.

Part autobiography, part novel, it tells the story of three friends, all Orthodox Jews, like my father, Henry Liebowitz, who witnessed an event in their childhood that made them question their faith, and as they all grew up taking different paths, the event continued to change their adult lives forever.

I have been doing some research and somehow Daniel I feel compelled to contact your agency. That you might give his first novel in the trilogy or a chapter or two a chance. Perhaps just a quick look, if you would.

My father had published a critically acclaimed novel before, years and years ago called "The Masters", but this novel trilogy is the one he had been working on for as long as I could remember, the one he somehow placed in my hands, the one he wanted left as part of his legacy.

If you would be interested in taking a look at the first novel in the JUDGMENT NIGHT trilogy Daniel, please contact me directly.


Mark Liebowitz

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