Sunday, November 9, 2008

RichWriters Inspiration: Writers What are You Saying to the World?

What are you saying to the universe? I have a lot of really great friends. Friends that I would like to consider lifelong friends and I also listen to what they say, that they want to do in their life. Some of them want to own a new house. They want to have their own business. They want to be an actor. They want to be a singer. They want to be a really great mother and what not. And then I take a look at really… what are they showing me and what are they showing the universe because the universe is a very interesting, really, cosmic thing.


                        The universe is very smart. It does not just look at what you are saying. In fact, it does not pay attention to us at all. It has learned and mastered through infinite time, to put people on mute. It does not listen to what you just say. What it leads us to, is what you do? How you feel? But more importantly, I think, what you do and what you are showing because the universe is a mirror. It reflects back to you only what you are showing it.


                        So, when you say that you want to own your own house yet you are spending all your money buying candy and desserts and the next outfit and this DVD and that DVD and then another month, you wonder where in the world the money went because you did not buy things that are major. You are showing the universe that no, you really do not want to buy a house because you are not putting enough money down for a down payment. That is what you are showing and that is what I mean when I say, "What are you showing the universe?"


                        When you say to the universe that, "I want to be an actor," you would rather sit around and watch TV, you would rather sit around feeling miserable about yourself, complaining and feeling jealous of other people who are actually making it and gossiping and what not but you are not in any class and you are not studying to be an actor. You are not watching movies to study to be a better actor. You are not going to the network parties and connecting with people and you are not going to audition class and what not, whatever it is that actors do in order to become successful.


                        If you are not doing those things that you say that you want, then the universe can only give you what you are putting into it. All it knows is that you like talking about wanting to be an actor. You like the feeling of longing to be an actor more than actually going for. You like the feeling of feeling frustrated because you choose to dwell on how frustrated it is or how frustrated you are that you have not made yet, etc.


You say and this goes also for people who are in relationship and your lover, your husband, your wife, your girlfriend, your boyfriend or whatever the case might be, they say that they love you. They say that they will do anything for you. They say that they will die for you and you listen to it and it sounds good but do you ever pay attention to what their actions are?


What are they saying to the universe? How are they showing the universe? If they really do love you, how did they treat you? How did they speak to you? Not only when you are alone but how did they treat you when other people are around? Do they stick up for you? What are their actions? Do they buy you little gifts? Are they there for you? Are they truly listening?


Do they want to stand next to you or sit next to you and talk about things and spend time with you? Or would they rather tell you that, "Ssshh…ssshh, I'm watching TV."? I mean, what are they showing you through their actions? Through their actions only, what are they showing the universe?


Take a good look at your life and this is an assignment for today. Your assignment for today is to show really what are you showing the universe and just take a common goal that you have. Perhaps it is to be a movie producer. Perhaps it is to own you own house. Perhaps to be a good father or whatever the case the might be, a good mother.


Take a look at that goal and write down that goal on a piece of paper and then draw a line in the middle of the paper. One column will be what are you showing the universe currently? And the second column will be what should you be showing the universe currently?


You might find the interesting difference when you really pay attention and are honest with what you showing the universe, no excuses, just write down what your actions are, turn yourself, your words on mute. Only your actions, list your actions. What are you showing the universe? If your goal is to be a better father but your actions are showing that you rather go out with the boys five nights a week and play BeBall or that you are the type of father who gets irritated or find himself irritated every time his kids what to show him a picture they drew, what are the actions?


Are your actions showing you that yes, you do like to take your son or your daughter out to play baseball with you. You are listening to them. You are working on being a better parent that you can appear in their classes or going to church or whatever the case might be, to be a better father or reading books or whatever the case is, what are your actions showing you?


That is what you need to pay attention to. Write that down and list in good and bad, what the actions are showing and what should your actions should be in the second column. You will find the interesting difference sometimes and oftentimes more than that. You will find what you are doing and what you should be doing are two different things.


Pay attention to what you should be doing because you have two choices there. Either you accept the way of who you are and say, "You know what? Based on my actions, actually my actions are showing that I want to be a bad father that I don't want a house that I don't want to be an actor or whatever the case is. These are based on my actions, no excuses, but these, based on my actions; this is what I'm showing."


So, you have a choice there. Either accept that and say, "Hey, this is who I am and that's the way I'm going to be because that's what I have been showing the universe and no matter how many years I have been struggling, really, I've been showing the universe quite the opposite of what I wanted," or switch over to the other column and look at what you should be doing and start doing those things. Pay attention to what you are doing, compare to what you are saying because there is often a difference.


Turn yourself on mute. It is just like you have a remote control and you mute it. Every time you want the sound to be gone, do the same thing to yourself. Turn your mouth on mute and pay attention to what you are doing. What are your actions, what are you showing the universe because remember, the universe is nothing but a giant mirror reflecting back to you your actions, your feelings.


If you say that you want to be happy but you find yourself always dwelling on things that make you feel bad or for people that really irritate you or that customer that really ticked you off today or that person that cut you off today or whatever the case might be or dwelling on the fact that you have not paid this bill yet, if you find yourself through your actions that you would rather do that than dwell on things that make you feel good, pay attention.


Oh sure you can come up with all kind of excuses, "Oh yes, well but I really am tired," or "They really did tick me off, really hurt my feelings," yes, honor those feelings but give yourself some time to honor them but then move forward because if your action is showing that you would much rather dwell on things that really bother you, then the truth is your goal is not to be happy. Your goal is to be unhappy and you are showing that to the universe so pay attention to your actions this week.


Pay attention to what you are doing and how you are feeling compared to what you should be doing and feeling and asks yourself, "What am I showing the universe?" because again either you accept yourself based on your actions for what you are doing or you switch over to the other column and start doing what you should be doing to reflect to the universe that this really is what you want to do.


Now, if you are depressed and you have clinical depression and you are not going to get treated either through therapy or through medical practices or through herbal therapy and what not and you are going to say, you are choosing not to do that, then you really would rather be depressed. I do not listen to people. There is an old saying. It says, "Talk is cheap," and that is so simple yet so poignant that actions speak louder than words and the universe is the start.


The universe is intelligent, infinite intelligence and it knows that human beings have the capability of accomplishing things and you can accomplish anything that you want. You simply have to show the universe what you really intend to do.