Monday, November 10, 2008

GumboWriters Successful Query Letter Sample #7

Dear Elise :
Why can't 8th-grader Susie spell fish? Why can't Miami 11th-grader Fernando find Florida on a map? Maybe its because their principal is pre-occupied with being a swinger, their superintendent is a cross-dresser, and the most powerful school board member is running a criminal empire, stealing millions of dollars from the schools while the students don't have books.

Inspired by true events and real people, our novel, BAD TEACHERS, is a story that affects nearly every adult, child and family in the nation. Carlo, a top Miami educator and Jez, a female investigative reporter threaten to expose the dirty secrets they uncover about murders, money laundering, group sex, and child porn in their public school system.

My name is Susan Dangerfield and I'm a four-time Emmy winner for investigative reporting. Elise in the last seven of my 27 years as a journalist, I uncovered fraud, mismanagement, and countless abuses of power, money and sex in the Los Angeles County Public Schools. My work led to a Federal prison sentence, firings, mandated state oversight of fiscal policies, and a countywide shake-up in several school board elections.

My writing partner Fred Murch is a 39-year veteran of the public school system and a retired principal. BAD TEACHERS is inspired by real people, and first-hand experiences. If the public knew the real stories behind the novel there would be a nationwide public outrage. In fact, while investigating such goings on our own lives and careers have been threatened.

We are currently seeking literary representation for BAD TEACHERS and Elise upon research we feel strongly that you would make a good match. If you would like to see a copy of BAD TEACHERS feel free to contact us.

Susan Dangerfield & Fred Murch

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